Developer Application

Developer Licence: This Licence is issued to a corporate entity engaged in the development of integrated infrastructure facilities on a public, private or public-private partnership basis of a Gazetted SEZ;

How to apply for a Developer/Operator Licence

1. Present a developer/operator application of proposed SEZ activity and  Apply online here or Download the SEZ project Developer/ application form.
2. Submit/Attach detailed Project documentation as follows;
   •      Feasibility Study Report
   •      Schematic Master Plan
   •      Certi cate of Incorporation
   •      Copy of PIN
   •      Copy of title deed/ lease
   •      Unencumbered land titles
   •      Form CR 12
   •      Audited financial statements for the last three (3) years and current KRA Tax Compliance certificate, for conversions
   •      Project Description (Development Plan and Timetable to Include Perspective Drawings)
3. Get an Approval ‘In Principal’ from SEZA.
4. Register SEZ Company after SEZA preliminary project approval.
5. Obtain a NEMA certificate.
6. Obtain SEZ Developer or Operator license at an annual fee of US $5,000.