Enterprise Road Map

Below is a description of the appraisal process of SEZ Enterprise Licensing.

STEP 1- Investment Enquiry. Determine SEZ activity.


STEP 2 - SEZ Investment Project Proposal Form. Investor is issued with Investment Project Proposal Form to fill in order for the Authority to provide advice where necessary.


STEP 3 - Formal Application.  Investor is issued with the SEZA Enterprise License Application Form to fill. Investor is expected to attach documents as per the SEZA Enterprise License Application Form.

NOTE - To enable appraisal/review of application, payment of Application Fee – US$ 150 is required.


STEP 4 - Appraisal/Review of Application is undertaken.


STEP 5- Approval in Principle. Once Application satisfies requirements, an Approval Letter and a letter of No Objection is written to the Business Registration Service (BRS) to enable investor to register/incorporate an SEZ company in Kenya.


STEP 6- Incorporation of New SEZ entity. Incorporation of the New SEZ Entity is carried out by the Business Registration Service (BRS)/ Registrar of Companies.


STEP 7- Issuance SEZ Enterprise License. An SEZ Enterprise License is issued to the newly Incorporated SEZ Company after payment of Annual License fee at US$ 1,000 and fulfilling the following requirements:

a)       Investment Agreement and the Land Lease Agreement from the SEZ Developer/Operator;

b)      NEMA license;

c)       Fulfilling any other registration conditions given at this stage relating to business activity i.e. Pharmacy and Poisons Board etc.         


STEP 8- Apply online for Company PIN. Required documents as per: