Administrative Incentives

- Administrative Incentives -

One Stop Shop service for facilitation and aftercare

The Special Economic Zones Authority has a one stop shop that assists new companies and provides help and advice in the areas of labor regulations, work permits, import-export logistics, application for utility connections, and registration with tax authorities.

Rapid project approval and licensing

Investors in the zones enjoy rapid project approval and licensing through the one stop shops. The only exception is for projects requiring environmental license from National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA), for which they ought to apply.

No Exchange Controls

Liberalized foreign exchange regime and easy repatriation of capital and profits, access to foreign currency accounts, domestic and offshore borrowing.

Onsite customs documentation and inspection by Customs Staff

All zones have a resident Customs office for on-site customs documentation and clearance. A Senior Revenue Officer is attached to the SEZA management to assist in all matters relating to customs and excise. 

Unrestricted investment by foreigners

Investors wishing to invest in the zones enjoy unrestricted investment. This is because foreign currency accounts and off-shore borrowing are allowed as Kenya abolished foreign exchange controls.

Work permits entitlement

Investors in the Special Economic Zones are entitled to work permits of up to twenty (20) percent of their full-time employees; and on the recommendation of the Authority, additional work permits may be obtained for specialized sectors.

Operation under essentially one license issued by SEZA

Special Economic Zones are only required to operate under one license issued by the Special Economic Zones Authority.

Investors in the zones are therefore exempted from the following administrative processes:  

  • Exemption from rent and tenancy controls.
  • The provisions of the Foreign Investments and Protection Act relating to certificate for approved enterprise.
  • The provisions of the Statistics Act.
  • Exemption from the payment of advertising fees and business service permit fees levied by respective County Governments’ Finance Acts.
  • Exemption from general liquor license and hotel liquor license under the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act, 2010.
  • Exemption from manufacturing license under the Tea Act.
  • Exemption from license to trade in un-wrought precious metals under the Trading in Un-wrought Precious Metals Act.
  • Exemption from filming license under the Films and Stages Plays act.