Living in Kenya

Kenya is located located on the eastern coast of Africa at the equator, the country is famed for its tropical weather, majestic wildlife, white beaches, and beautiful countryside.    Modern Kenya is a cosmopolitan melting pot of culture with many investors actively seeking investment opportunities within the vibrant emerging market. If you live in Nairobi, you’ll hear English spoken across the city.


Kenya consists of more than 42 indigenous communities. A multitude of settler communities are also present throughout  the country. Over 60 languages are  spoken in Kenya with Kiswahiili and English being the most prominent.  The presence of  common languages in the country promotes unity and intergration. 

Social infrastructure

The country has world-class healthcare infrastructure and private hospitals spread across the major cities and towns to meet the needs of our visitors. Expatriates also have a wide selection of private schools for their children to attend including those that offer the local, British, or American curriculum. In addition to the versatile transport infrastructure network , 90% of the country is connected to premium wireless and fixed broadband, linking businesses to the global marketplace .

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Landscape & Weather

Kenya landcape consits of  a wide range of terrain; coastal lowlands, swamps, mountains, plateous, valleys and flatlands. T^he country is home host to a variety of wildlife including the big five. Kenya also borders Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia,  To get a taste of the country's hidden treasures and experiences, visit the Magical Kenya website on

The country's climate is predictable and rarely expreinces extreme weather conditions making it possible to carry out all types of business activities throught out the year,. September and October are the hottest months, with temperatures reaching the low 30s, but early mornings can be cool throughout the country. The rains startt falling in April and November.