Fiscal Incentives

Imported Goods

Fully Exempt

 Value Added Tax

 Excise Duty

 Import Duty

 Import declaration fee

Local Supplies​


 Value Added Tax

Corporate Tax

Preferential Rates

 First 10 years - 10%

 Next 10 years - 15%

 Subsequent years - 30%

Local government fees


 Advertisement fees

 Business service permit

Stamp Duty


Withholding Tax

Payments of non-resident persons from SEZ companies

 Dividents- Exempt

 Gains on transfer of property- Exempt

 Royalties, interest and service fees - Exempt in the first 10 years

 Other payments (i.e commissions and rent) - 10%

Investment Deduction Allowance

100% Allowance on capital expenditure on building and machinery