Declaration & Gazettement of Land

A Special Economic Zone is a designated and declared area, gazetted for the purpose of undertaking SEZ activities while enjoying special economic regulations that differ from general trade, tax, and investment rules

Process for Declaration and Gazettement of Land as Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

  1. A letter of Expression of Interest by the client. 
  2. Submission of the complete Application Package by the client.
  3. Project evaluation upon submission of all required documents.
  4. Land search and site evaluation by the Authority to assess the proposed SEZ land.
  5. Submission of appraised projects to the SEZA Board for Recommendation or Deferment.
  6. Advice proponent on Approval, re-submission for additional information or Decline of SEZ Designation Recommendation.
  7. Submission of Recommended SEZ Designation to Cabinet Secretary (C.S) for either Approval or advice.
  8. Advice Proponent on Approval or Rejection of the Recommendation to the C.S.
  9. Designation of area as an SEZ kicks into effect, land declared as an SEZ through a Gazette Notice.
  10. Issuance of Developer/Operator License upon application, evaluation and payment of annual license fee of US $ 5000.
  11. Operationalization and Regulation of SEZ.

Application Package Requirements 

  1.  SEZA Investment Project Proposal Form.
  2.  A Feasibility Study Report highlighting: –
    •  Market Demand Analysis,
    •  Schematic Master Plan,
    • Economic Impact Assessment,
    • Strategic Environmental Social-Impact Assessment or SEA

3.  Copy of title deed(s); Unencumbered land titles (contested title)

4. Project Description

  • Schematic Masterplan/land use plan
  • Development Plan and Timetable to include Perspective Drawings

5.  Statutory Documentation which includes: –

  • Certificate of Incorporation, Form CR12, Copy of PIN, KRA Tax Compliance Certificate and Audited Financial Statements for the last 3 years